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The Great Legal Marketing Vault is a special repository for Great Legal Marketing members that contains membership files for our Gold, Diamond, and MasterMind members. If you are a member, click on "Member Login" in the menu to sign in to see all the materials available at your membership level. Members of Great Legal Marketing will find:
  • A Digital Copy of the Power Tools Guide for Doubling your Income (All Members Gold and above)
  • Templates and Guides that will show you how to create basic ads, write high performing blogs, get more referrals, created email templates that convert leads, and many other guides (All Members Gold and above)
  • Immediate access to our $100 Marketing Plan, a special guide that will give you ad campaigns that you can create for less than $100 that can get your more leads for your marketing (All Members Gold and above)
  • The Great Legal Marketing Journal (All Members Gold and above)
  • The Ben Glass Letter (All Members Gold and above)
  • Monthly Gold Calls with Charley Mann (All Members Gold and above)
  • Ben Glass's Diamond Blueprint; the introductory package for Diamond members designed to accelerate your growth and help you create the practice of your dreams (Diamond Members and above)
  • Our Archive Mindset Calls with Lee Milteer, Ben Glass, and Rem Jackson (Diamond Members and above)
  • Monthly Diamond Practice Builder Calls with Ben Glass (Diamond Members and above)
  • The Diamond Elite Report from Ben Glass (Diamond Members and above)
  • The Internet Marketing Report from Charley Mann (Paid Subscribers + Diamond Members and above)
  • ...PLUS a wealth of bonus content including marketing tutorials, templates, and swipe files (All Members Gold and above)
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