Welcome to the Great Legal Marketing Vault!

The Great Legal Marketing Vault is a special repository for Great Legal Marketing members that contains membership files for our Gold, Diamond, and MasterMind members. Members of Great Legal Marketing will find digital copies of:

  • A Digital Copy of the Power Tools Guide for Doubling your Income (All Members Gold and above)
  • The Great Legal Marketing Journal (All Members Gold and above)
  • Monthly Gold Calls with Charley Mann (All Members Gold and above)
  • Mindset Calls with Lee Milteer (Diamond Members and above)
  • Monthly Diamond Practice Builder Calls with Ben Glass (Diamond Members and above)
  • The Diamond Elite Report from Ben Glass (Diamond Members and above)
  • The Internet Marketing Report from Charley Mann (Paid Subscribers + Diamond Members and above)
  • ...PLUS a wealth of bonus content including marketing tutorials, templates, and swipe files (All Members Gold and above)

If you purchased a product, your digital files are available under the Digital Products and Files tab. If you have any questions please contact Mairim Bartholomew at mairim@greatlegalmarketing.com.

If you want to get membership access, sign up for Gold Membership at PracticePowerTools.com.

Technical Issues? Contact Tifiny Swedensky at tifiny@greatlegalmarketing.com.